Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa Marijuana Strains 

Did you know that marijuana is a growing industry, and it’s one that’s doing super well? Not to mention that more and more are using this for medical reasons. If you decide to use this though, you should know the differences between sativa, hybrids, and indica kinds of strains. 

When you don’t know this, that’s when problems became apparent, especially when looking at each of the different strains, making it more and more overwhelming to research this. However, there are differ kinds of medical marijuana types of strains out there, and here, you’ll find out what each of them does. 


First let’s talk about indica. They’re shorter, bushier plants that are darker, and have leaves that are wider, with stalks that are more woody than fibrous, and usually grow a lot faster. 

They originated in Tibet, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, with consumers getting a “full body” type of effect when the THC levels are a bit lower, and the CBD is higher. This is used for handling pain, discomfort, issues with drowsiness, nausea, and improving appetite. 

It also helps with raising your dopamine in the body, reducing tension in the muscles, and also reducing levels of stress sin the body, offering relaxation to anyone who uses this. They are also great for those who have chronic anxiety, with more and more people feeling relief once they have had this. 


Sativa is one that’s lighter in color, a light green in a sense. This is also larger, thinner, with narrower leaves. When people take this, it’s more of a euphoric sort of effect, impacting moods and emotions, and usually incorporates higher levels of THC than CBD

This is from South along with Central America, with many people feeling less depressed after taking sativa, and their energy levels a lot higher, with discomfort becoming a lot less and more focus too. It also does work to naturally improve the serotonin levels of people too, and also naturally reduces anxiety as well. 

This is great for those who have anxiety and depression, creating an energizing feeling, sand is great for those who are going to be amongst people, or during the day too. This is also great for focusing too, making it more useful for those wo want to get more done, taking it before you start the day. 


Finally, it’s important to make sure that you understand that there are hybrids, a mixture of both sativa and indica, with this making up a large portion of the strains. These do have a lot of different characteristics and qualities, with many of them acting a bit different than a regular sativa or indica strain. 

This is used as well to help with THC levels in some cases too, but not all hybrid strains have high THC. This is great for those that want to have all of the main benefits that patients want from their strains and can be used for a variety of issues including reducing anxiety, managing stress, and also easing discomfort too. 

A lot of people do note however that the effects of each of these strains do differ, with some of them acting differently from what they expected. With that being the case know that not every strain acts purely one way or another, but if you’re curious about a strain and don’t know if it’s right for you, talk to your doctor before you consume it, since in a lot of cases, this can of course, help with making sure that you don’t take the wrong thing, and makes it easier on your end. 

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