There are a lot of writings that dismiss CBD, saying that’s it’s exaggerated by fans. There are constant headlines that say it can cure anything, while others say that it’s a myth. False claims do hurt other people, and for those who want to know a bit about cannabis for sleep, know that it’s offered a lot, and it can be something that lots of people benefit from, offering fewer sleep disruptions, and also helps with better sleep. Here are three myths though about this that are worth mentioning regarding cannabis

THC is the Only reason it Works for Sleep 

This is a myth because a lot of people assume that you only get the benefits from being high. However, a big part of cannabis for sleep is actually the CBD that’s there. CBD doesn’t have the psychoactive elements of the person who consumes it, since the main focus is THC, but CBD actually is very important for sleep. 

It helps with controlling the sleep cycles through the interaction of different receptors within the brain, releasing cortisol to help sedate the person, improving the sleep quality, reading pain, and also anxiety too. CBD is also good for people to be more alert, reduce anxiety, and also improve the mental focus of your body and mind as well. 

It’s Risky 

This is something that some people think is super risky. While cannabis does have drawbacks despite it being natural, these are usually pretty easy to be mindful of. The biggest risk of cannabis with sleep is that it contributes to sleep hangovers, but this is usually only if you take too much. Lower doses usually work, and then slowly increasing this when the body naturally adapts to this. 

Discontinuation of this does cause issues with sleep patterns, and it can cause more lucid dreaming. It can definitely cause REM sleep interruption, since it can possibly cause issues with the body’s ability to hit REM sleep. REM sleep is vital since it does help to stimulate other parts of the brain for learning or keeping memories, while also keeping the immune system healthy, and improving cognitive functions. This is usually beneficial for those who do have constant nightmares though. So if you’re going to take it, do be mindful of the risks, and what it might cause in you. 

All of the Strains Work the Same! 

This is probably one of the biggest concerns and myths that people get wrong. If you assume over 700 different strains will all act the same, that’s ignorant. Every single strain is different and will cause different reactions. It is a bit experimental with each of the strains, and looking at the potency, onset, and duration of this can definitely play a part in this. 

For example, if you smoke, the effects will be immediate than say, someone who has edibles too, and usually, it takes up to 90 minutes for it to work. Usually what someone consumes and how they consume it is good. There are strains for every type of person, and there aren’t absolutes. The sativa or indica debate is a lot more secondary, with more and more people looking at the cannabinoids and the terpenes. 

This actually matters more, since they can definitely play a much larger part of this. While indica has definitely been something that people usually thought would relax you, that isn’t the case, and instead, you should look for those that have the terpenes myrcene, limonene, linalool, along with pinene to get the effects of this, and the results that’ll offer as well.