All About Cannabis Oil 

Most of us are familiar with CBD oil, and the cool thing is, you can make t at home. Here, we’ll go over what it is, and how you can make it as well. 

What is cannabis oil 

This is an oil that comes directly from the cannabis plant that’s out there, and is concentrated to offer more cannabinoids, such as both CBD and THC as well. You can get medical levels, but you can also make your own at home in most cases. 

So is this legal? It depends. It’s legal in some states, but it can get you arrested in other states, but usually, it’s down to what the laws of the state are, and you should discuss this with your doctor before you decide to do this. 

The Side Effects 

The side effects of this are still being investigated, but you shouldn’t take this if pregnant, breastfeeding or trying to conceive. One study did find that it affects a child, so it is best to not be use din most circumstances. 

You usually don’t have to wait too long, and it usually depends on how you take this for it to work. You can vape the oil to get it directly, feeling the effects after about 20 minutes or so after you take this. 

If you want it to last a long time, you can apply this directly to the skin, using coconut oil as the carrier oil to help get these compound’s to this. 

The methods 

There are some methods that people use. The first is edibles, which is one of the most popular ways, bandit’s used to help really make food shine in most cases. You can drizzle this, or even bake or fry it in a lot of cases. 

Vaping is another way, which is where you breathe this in, where it gets naturally metabolized by the lung area, and it then is transferred to the bloodstream, and usually, it works the same way nicotine does. 

Sprays are another, where you literally spray a little bit of it into the mouth. There is also droppers, which are basically tinctures where you drop a little bit into the mouth to use it, or even just combine it with different treats such as sweets or even you morning coffee to get the effects like an edible. 

Making it AT home 

Making it at home is actually quite simple, and it’s basically you need to mix two kinds of ingredients, get rid of the extra, and it involves a cup of ground up cannabis and a cup of oil. You basically heat it up, let it infuse together, and from there, you can use a strainer to get rid of the impurities. From there, you can make your own. 

When you do use this though, you need to make sure that the cannabis is properly ground down. This is one of the most common mistakes people make, and if you do leave it in, it could impact the quality of it. Plus, it’s kind of gross if a stem is left in there right? 

You usually need to heat this on low heat. Some people like to use a double boiler, where it’s heated and kept there for up to 8 hours, or a crock pot, which offers about 5 hours of cooking, but you need to keep the heat of this pretty low otherwise it will burn it. It’s simple then, you can choose how you want to use it, and then put it where you need to, making sure that you get the benefits. 

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