What’s a Marijuana Grinder 

If you like to smoke flower, there’s a high chance that yes, you’ll need to use a grinder. Ut what is it? Well, a grinder is a simple tool that literally grinds out the flower that’s there into pieces that are smaller to use in pipes, vapes, and cones. While it isn’t necessary, it’s actually really good if you want to get more out of the flower that you smoke too., 

Types of Grinders 

There are two different kinds of grinders in terms of materials, usually plastic and metal, with the occasional wood grinder. 

But the types that you can get do vary. The first, is a two piece grinder, with a lid and the bottom part, with the bottom part being a grinder. The process for this is simple; you take the flower throw it inside, and then twist it until the pieces are small enough. 

There is also a three piece grinder which is the same, but it has a chamber for the flower to go through, and then, you gather it to store. Finally, there is the four piece grinder which includes a kief collection. This is good for those who have a particularly conossieur-esque need for their cannabis

Why use this? 

Well, it depends. For some people, if they care about keif, this is something that’s good for them, as it gets the kief separated from the rest. The second benefit is storage. With this, you can choose where to store the flower, and this makes things a lot easier. 

Some people may not need this, so they might not need to bite the bullet and get a grinder. You also may want to use this if you want something that keeps everything in one place. There are also a few questions to consider as well. How easy do you want cleaning to be for your grinder. Metal is a lot easier to clean than the other two kinds of items, so that may influence the grinder that you get. 

You also may want to consider the use of both an automatic and manual grinder. A manual marijuana grinder is something that may be more good for those who are new, since it’s friendly for budget. If you’re someone who does grind a lot, then you may want to go automatic, though they do get pricey as you look at some of the higher ended models. 

How to use one 

Beginners usually think they get it, but sometimes they mess it up. Instead of risking your precious flower, here you’ll learn how to grind. First, you should clean this. Make sure that you do get rid of any dirt that may possibly affect the bud. 

Take the flower break it down and put those in the grinder teeth.  You want to make sure to put these on the edges, rather than the center so that it doesn’t shred the flower. 

Next, grind it by rotating it a dozen or so times. Some people try to roughly twist it, but the flower is not something that takes too many hits, and it’s something that’s better done gently. For two-piece grinders, it’s simple, but for three, you may want to tape it a bit so that the flower does go to the storage space. 

Once you do this, you’ll then be able to slowly open it, and then you can look at the flower. if it’s ground, then great. If you feel like you need to grind it a little more, then do so before putting it in the rolling paper so that you can smoke it with ease. 

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