What is THC-V 

For those who are an outsider, it feels like the cannabis industry has a ton of different acronyms. One of the newest ones is THC-V, which is called “diet weed” and is definitely getting media hype in a lot of places. But what is it? Is it legal? Can you buy it, or do you have to get it through a specific way. 

Here, we’ll discuss what they are, and this is something that is a bit different, and it is more than just appetite suppression as most of the hype says, but something that is really great for those looking for an alternative to regular cannabis

What is it? 

This is a chemical that is similar to THC, and it definitely is similar in makeup. This is basically the younger brother of regular THC, which does have similar side effects, and it is good, but the side effects are less potent. 

It does occur in smaller levels than regular THC, with the amount oftentimes a lot smaller to allow the commercial retailers to extract. Some of them do reach up to 16% in some sort of plants, and this can usually be found in those from Africa, and some from middle eastern and Asian strains too. 

The Effects 

This one has some effects similar to other sorts of compounds. You can definitely get some benefits from this. One of the most common that you hear about is weight loss, since this is considered the better option for those patients dealing with weight loss, and who want to avoid the munchies. 

In a journal of cannabis publication , this is a compound that actually decreases the glucose lipid intake. This also impacts metabolic levels, with more and more researchers conducting different studies on mice to determine the loss of weight and obesity through this. It was found that it does have effects on the hepatocytes and myotubes, which are insulin-resistant and could actually be a treatment for those who have obesity-associated intolerance of glucose. 

The research that’s there definitely does need more studies, as many of the indications are still not totally studied, but they are verifiable. 

The Psychoactivity 

This is one that does have not as many psychoactive effects compared to say THC. This is pretty much a substance that doesn’t fully block out the CB1 receptors. Through this antagonism, it actually stops psychoactivity, and it is something that actually inhibits a lot of the short-term memory loss, psychotic effects, and paranoia which you may see in THC. 

Some higher dosages may cause a high sensation, but it definitely is more of an energetic high, and it doesn’t last all that long. It’s definitely a quick high if you’re looking to see how it may weight to this. It is safe to say though that you will get some psychoactivity, so do proceed with a bit of caution when consuming this, that’s for sure. 

Other effects 

This is one that’s beneficial for those who are looking to help with reducing anxiety, blunting it, especially those with paranoia-associated anxiety. It also offers anti-inflammatory effects, and this could be the potential treatment that some people have, since the pain does reduce after they take it. 

There are also some indications that it may help with PTSD, seizures acne, along with psychosis, but the studies are still ongoing and need to be studied further in order to have more exact results. The final thing is that if it’s safe? It is, and it’s something that doesn’t have anything damming that’ll make it not safe but do treat it like other cannabis products. 

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