What is Hespertin 

This is another bioflavonoid that offers a lot of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant results and are found in a ton of veggies and fruits, with many of them even offering potential treatments to cancer, and helping with symptoms of menopause. 

It’s also got some antiviral effects and might be used , but right now, it’s still being studied for those. But there is a reason why more and more people have orange juice when treating illnesses. 

This is a flavanone in particular, and it actually is a part of making citrus stuff taste well, citrusy. This is found mostly in oranges and lemons, and it is something that reduces your blood pressure while also helping with your heart health too. 

What it Does 

This is a flavonoid that’s found in some plants such as cannabis, and this plays a part in reducing the oxidative stress of the person, and also can help to reduce the instances of many conditions, including but not limited to cancers as well. 

Since this is found in a lot of citrus items, this is something that can offer other benefits, including inflammation control, providing relief for allergies, and also regulating the blood pressure. 

As for how it works in cannabis, this is responsible for the pigment and the flavor in the cannabis plant. So strains that are orangish looking or maybe taste sweeter may have this inside of it. It does work with other terpenes and some cannabinoids to create the entourage effect and is known especially for the anti-inflammatory results that come from this as well, and some of the potency that comes with this too. 

The Health Benefits 

There are tons of health effects that actually get benefitted from using this. Inflammation is one of the key ways hesperidin helps the body. this actually has very strong anti-inflammatory results, and also decreases the inflammation and the oxidative stress that’s there. It does link to a lot of autoimmune conditions too, and this could be found to be benefitted by herpertetin. But there are still a lot of factors that go into this, and flavonoids are but one tool of improving the health of the body and the mind too. 

The other way that this works with the body is well, cancer. Some research has been found that it can actually help with hepatocellular carcinoma cells, a fancy name for cancer cells in the liver, and reducing the presence of them through allowing cell death to happen. this is actually quite significant, as liver cancer is one of the most common out there so this breakthrough could be exactly what you’re looking for. 

It also does help to lower cholesterol, and it’s part of the reason why if you have a glass of orange juice every single day, it can actually markedly lower the cholesterol levels of the body as well. 

It also does help with allergies too. It can help with basic allergies to even possible treatment of venom from bites from snakes too, and it can actually take out the toxins from venom of various snakes too. 

Finally, it does work well to treat heart health, which is why you’ll see some orange juice containers being used as a way to treat heart health. With heart disease still the number one killer, this is something that can markedly change everything, making it even easier for you to get the effects. It’s pretty great to use, and while you may already be getting this from your OJ you have every single day, this is still something great to consider as well too. 

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